Do all dogs benefit from attending daycare?

Unfortunately, no. For some dogs who are timid and anxious, daycare can be overwhelming and stressful causing them to become ‘distressed’ (Panting, drooling, shaking, hiding in corners, nipping at dogs that come near them, etc).

There are dogs who have severe separation anxiety from their owners when left at daycare causing them ‘distress’ (Chronic Howling, incessant barking, high pitch sounds, pacing, not playing with other dogs, constantly scratching at door to be let out of daycare, chewing apart furniture, walls, and door frames, etc).

Other dogs can have an energy that is too high causing other dogs to fight with them.

Some dogs that are dog and/or people reactive (demonstrating aggressive behaviour) may find daycare encourages their reactivity and making it worse.

At Raising Canine, we constantly assess your dogs behaviour and then we communicate openly and honestly to let you know if your dog is a good fit or not for our daycare. We want all the dogs to have an enjoyable daycare experience, thus reason we screen all of them constantly to ensure this happens.