No. Unfortunately for dogs who are timid and anxious, daycare can be overwhelming and stressful causing them to become ‘distressed’ (Panting, drooling, shaking, hiding in corners, nipping at dogs that come near them, etc).

There are dogs with severe separation anxiety when left at daycare, causing them ‘distress’ (Chronic Howling, incessant barking, high pitch sounds, pacing, not playing with other dogs, constantly scratching at door to be let out of daycare, chewing apart furniture, walls, and door frames, etc).

Other dogs can have an energy that is too uncontrollable,  causing other dogs to fight with them.  Some dogs are reactive or aggressive.  Attending daycare can cause these dog, the other dogs, and staff, unnecessary harm. There are so many different reasons why a dog may not benefit from being in a daycare.

At Raising Canine, all dogs have to meet our Daycare Acceptance Requirements to ensure that they are emotionally and physically happy to be in daycare.  Please refer to our Daycare Acceptance Requirements for full details.