We accept all breeds into all of our Dog Training Classes and/or Private Sessions.

However, we no longer accept the following breeds into our daycare: Pitbull Breeds, Rottweilers, Bull Mastiffs, Boxers, Chow Chows, and Cane Corsos.

This decision was made after we witnessed several separate incidents where these particular breeds attacked other dogs (unprovoked) in our daycare, causing severe physical damage and emotional trauma to the attacked dogs, the owners, and Raising Canine’s staff.

The last incident was with a Pitbull Breed (an American Pitbull Terrier), that attacked, (unprovoked) a senior Sheltie, so severally that several of the Sheltie’s muscles were pulled off bones.

The Sheltie also had over 450 stitches from the multiple tears and rips on top and underneath his skin.  It took 3 staff members to remove the Pitbull from the Sheltie.  The vet stated that if the staff had not intervened, the Sheltie would have been killed based on her assessment of Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Bite Scale.

It was following all of the numerous attacks by the aforementioned breeds, over several years, that we made the decision to no longer accept them into our daycare.

It is not because we made an unfounded, random, unjustified policy based on hearsay and stigma of these breeds, but rather a decision made on multiple first hand personal and professional experiences, that occurred within our daycare.

Also, because of these experiences, we feel passionately that dog owners of these breeds require professional help with training of them, thus we have always, and will always, accept these breeds into our training classes and/or private sessions.