November 23, 2024 - December 28, 2024    
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Does your dog show reactive behaviour such as lunging, uncontrollable barking, or whining when she sees other dogs or people? Does she get hyper-excited when people come to your house?  Or does she growl and snap at people and other dogs when they get too close to her?

Does this happen on leash and/or off leash?

We often feel embarrassed and frustrated when this happens, but we just don’t know what to do.

Raising Canine’s Reactive Dog Recovery Program is a 6 week course that teaches you how to train your dog choose calm behaviour.   You and your dog will be in a covered, separate working area away from the other dogs to ensure you both feel safe.   You’ll receive information to help you better understand why your dog chooses reactive behaviour and what can be done to prevent this from happening.

You’ll gain a better perspective that your dog doesn’t want to be reactive.  She simply needs your guidance to help her feel safe in situations that make her feel emotionally uncomfortable.

You’ll learn Positive Reinforcement Training with Desensitization and Counterconditioning to help your dog choose calm behaviour.  You’ll become more confident as you learn methods that are humanely effective and easy to learn.  We use fear-free, force-free, and pain free techniques.

The classes are kept very small to ensure everyone receives an adequate learning opportunity.  Once classes are completed, you’ll have a tool box of techniques to use going forward.

Should your dog be too overwhelmed with a classroom setting, we do offer Private Sessions in the safety of your own home. Please call Raising Canine at 403 984 3644 to set up an appointment.

Please read our Waiver before you register for this event.

Cost is $450 + gst.

Classes are held at our Crowfoot Calgary NW location.




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