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Dog Socialization Calgary

Dog socialization is one of the most important skills to develop in dogs of all ages. Spending time with canine friends is important for their emotional and physical health – and essential for avoiding future behavioural problems.

Calgary has wonderful dog parks, but unfortunately they aren’t always the best place to go. The spaces are uncontrolled and in the winter months the conditions are poor.  (Owners who want to feel more confident at the dog park can look into our wonderful Off-Leash Classes).

To help owners make playtime for their pooches, Raising Canine offers a socialization session every Saturday  for small dogs. These sessions are supervised in a controlled space, with a limited number of participants. Dogs can safely frolic while humans chat and do some socializing of their own!

We provide an open, welcoming, and respectful space for owners and dogs to meet and play safely. All family members are encouraged to attend.

One Dog $10
Two dogs $15
Three or More $20

Small Dog & Small Puppy Playtime

(Every Saturday from 10:00 – 11:00 am & 11:15 am – 12:15 pm)

This group is to give dogs under 20 lbs and under 13′ (from floor to middle of back) a safe place to play without the potential dangers that larger dogs may pose. Owners of little dogs can feel confident bringing their pups to meet friends and to play safely.  There is both an outdoor and indoor area for the ‘Littles’ to run around in.

This group is NOT for small dog or puppies that have socialization issues such as anxiety, fear, stress, reactivity, and/or aggression.  If you have a little dog that has these issues, you can register your dog for Reactive Dog Recovery Program and/or private sessions.

The group requires registration through “Meetup Calgary” online. You then search ‘NW Small Dog & Small Puppy Playtime.  Once there, you register to reserve a spot for you and your fur-child!  If you are wait-listed for the 10 am time slot, you can then join the 11:15 am time slot by emailing


Requirements to Attend Small Dog & Small Puppy Playtime

Small Dog & Small Puppy Playtime is only for dogs that are at ease with other canines and people. If your dog experiences anxiety, fear, stress, reactivity, aggression, hyper-excitable, and/or hyper-arousal such as uncontrolled lunging, barking, growling, whining, panting, pacing, nipping, and/or biting when surrounded by other dogs and/or people, these playtime sessions are not for your dog.  (S)he will be too stressed and agitated as will you. It will also make it uncomfortable for the other dogs and owners.

If you have a reactive dog, we recommend our Reactive Dog Recovery Program and/or Private Dog Training sessions to help both you and your dog.