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February 2016

Kennel Cough


What is Kennel Cough?by Velvetanne CPDT-KA Kennel cough is a canine infectious tracheobronchitis that dogs commonly contract. It is not a serious condition of which most dogs recover without treatment. There are cases, however, where a dog may have other existing health issues, thus kennel cough may cause secondary illnesses that may require medical attention. [...]

Kennel Cough2022-05-05T17:19:24-06:00

Canine Mouth Warts


What are mouth wart in dogs (Canine Oral Papillomas)? Canine oral papillomas, also known as mouth warts in dogs, are small benign tumors of the mouth caused by the papilloma virus. They are found on the lips, gums, and in the mouth, typically in shapes resembling cauliflower.  These warts can also be located on eyelids, [...]

Canine Mouth Warts2018-02-15T13:40:06-07:00
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