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COVID 19 Social Distancing Announcement

Hello everyone,

With COVID 19 issues continuing to be a concern to everyone’s health and safety, Raising Canine’s dog daycare service remains open, but with very strict social distancing protocols for dropping off and picking up dogs. This is to ensure both the clients’ and staffs’ safety:

  • Only one person at a time to enter Raising Canine while dropping off and picking up their dog
  • Clients will now remove and put on their dog’s harnesses, collars, and leashes instead of staff doing that at the front desk. Clients will also do this at a 6′ distance or more, from the front desk as the staff will happily call their dog in.  Most of the dogs come running in anyway so this will be great fun for them from a longer distance
  • Clients will take leashes home when dropping off their dog instead of hanging on hooks at front door
  • After clients pay at the front desk, the POS machine and desk will be cleaned with disinfectant
  • As soon as a client leaves Raising Canine, the door handles will be cleaned with disinfectant before next client comes in
  • The staff and I continue to follow all recommended hand washing protocols
  • All clients and staff are to remain away and at home for 2 weeks should they experience any cold, flu, and/or COVID 19 symptoms; have been around someone with symptoms; have recently returned from any travel; have been around anyone that has recently travelled.
  • All dog training classes have been cancelled, however, puppy training and basic training of any dog, is still available via Skype video call or Facetime.  Please call us at 403 984 3644 if you are interested in this.

Should the time come that we are informed to close our business altogether, we absolutely will without hesitation!!  Raising Canine’s clients’ and staffs’ health, is the main priority.   In meantime, as determined by the Alberta and Canadian Government,  we can remain open as we absolutely do not have 15 or more people gathering at once and we are not a human to human contact type business.

With this, we are still sooooo grateful to our asymptomatic clients who are still able to bring in their dogs to keep our business going.  This has been a very trying time for all of us, and our beloved Raising Canine.

We don’t do what we do at our job to make a great deal of money.  We do it because we truly love what we do!!   We absolutely love and adore your dogs, and as well… you, the dogs’ humans!!

Stay healthy in meantime everyone!

From all us (as we give you social distancing ‘air’ hugs!!!!)

Velvetanne, Michelle, Emma, Jacob, Chloe, and Paxyne

Raising Canine is passionate about raising happy, healthy, well behaved dogs.  We design our dog training classes and dog daycare to be force-free, fear-free, pain-free, caring, and safe with a focus on a positive and welcoming experience for both dogs and their owners.

Our Mission Statement is that we treat all dogs, clients, and staff with uncompromising kindness, dignity and respect.

Dog training group classes:

We also offer:

We have been training puppies and dogs since 2005.  We have always followed the philosophy that dogs learn best when the focus of their training includes both their emotional and physical well-being.

We use fun, safe, positive reward based training methods that promote a force free, fear free, and pain free experience. Our classes are kept small (6 dogs) to ensure both you and your dog receives adequate attention and care.

By allowing dogs to learn within a humane, secure, supportive, and compassionate training environment, they have the opportunity to become well behaved in a happy and healthy state.

Dog daycare at Raising Canine is conveniently located in NW Calgary. It is for dog owners seeking a safe place to take their canines during the day when they’re too busy.

We have a fun environment that keeps your dog stimulated and socialized to meet both their emotional and physical needs.  It is also the only NW Calgary dog daycare with both an indoor and outdoor play area.

Dogs in our daycare are not kennelled at anytime during the day. As well, we separate the ‘bigs’ from the ‘littles’ for safety reasons. After a full morning of free play, the dogs are given quiet time with staff providing massages and cuddles.

Your dog becomes part of Raising Canine’s family.