July 2015

How many people can come to training classes?

All family members are welcome. It is, however, a challenge to have children under the age of four years old participate in training classes.

How many dogs does Raising Canine Dog Daycare & Training have for each class?

Only 4 – 9 to ensure the dogs are receiving adequate attention for successful learning.

What type of training methods does Raising Canine use?

Positive reinforcement using rewards such as food treats, toys, and verbal praise. We discourage corrective based training as we believe dogs learn much more effectively and effeciently when they are having fun.

When should I start training my puppy at Raising Canine Dog Daycare & Training?

As young as 12 weeks old when at least the first two rounds of vaccinations have been given.

What are mouth warts in dogs (Canine Oral Papillomas)?

Canine oral papillomas, also known as mouth warts in dogs, are small benign tumors of the mouth caused by the papilloma virus.

They are found on the lips, gums, and in the mouth, typically in shapes resembling cauliflower. These warts can also be located on eyelids, feet, and footpads, but rarely.

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What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is a canine infectious tracheobronchitis that dogs commonly contract.

It is not a serious condition of which most dogs recover without treatment. There are cases, however, where a dog may have other existing health issues, thus kennel cough may cause secondary illnesses that may require medical attention.

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How long has Raising Canine been around?

Our NW Calgary location was established in September 2010.

How much is daycare?

The rates depend on how many days you want your dog to attend. See our rates on the Dog Daycare page.

Are there certain breeds that Raising Canine does not accept?

Unfortunately we no longer accept Pitbulls; Rotweilers; Bull Mastiffs, after we witnessed three separate incidents where these particular breeds attacked other dogs in our daycare causing severe physical damage and emotional trauma to the attacked dogs, the owners, and Raising Canine’s staff.

It was following these incidents, and then upon the insistence of our clients, that […]

Will Raising Canine accept dogs with socialization/behaviour issues?

For the physical and emotional wellbeing of the other dogs and staff, we cannot accept dogs who have existing socialization/behaviour issues such as chronic barking; reactivity (aggression) toward dogs and humans; separation anxiety; anxiety/fear when with other dogs; unmanageable energy levels; and resource guarding. Our daycare is not an environment to help and/or train dogs […]