Private Dog Training Calgary

Private dog training sessions are a great option for owners who cannot attend class settings for whatever reason but still need help to train their puppy or dog for basic obedience, barking, jumping up, door bolting, come when called, etc.

Reactive dogs also do well with Privates sessions when they are unable to participate in a class setting.

Reactive dogs exhibit extreme, uncontrollable and undesirable behaviour (incessant barking, whining, lunging, and growling) at something in particular that they see or hear (other dogs, people, bikers, men with hats, etc).

If your dog does not cope well with other dogs or people, then private sessions are a great solution as the training takes place in the comfort of your own home to ensure your dog is in a space where she/he feels secure.

The root cause of a reactive dog is stress, anxiety, and fear.  Because of this, ensuring your dog feels comfortable and safe is essential to helping her/him.

Please call (403) 984-3644 and ask for Velvetanne, Owner and Trainer, to book your private sessions.

First Session
(1.5 hrs)
$150 + GST
Subsequent Sessions
(1 hr)
$100 + GST

Call to register:


Reactive Dog Recovery Program

Does your dog lunge, whine, bark, growl, snarl, go after other dogs, people, bikes, strollers, etc., whether on or off leash?

Do you feel embarrassed, nervous, frustrated, and stressed when your dog does this?  Does this make you feel like you don’t want to walk your dog anymore?

If so, your dog is ‘reactive’.  You’re not alone though. Unfortunately, in our society, reactive dogs are commonplace.  There is, fortunately, help for your beloved fur family member.  And help for you too!


Goals of the Reactive Dog Recovery Program:

  • To provide you with information and knowledge to help you better understand the emotional, thinking, and learning ability of why your dog reacts.
  • To help you teach your dog self-control so she can remain calm and relaxed in the presence of those things that make her reactive
  • To give you the tools that teaches your dog how to make the decision to focus on something that is pleasurable for her, rather then reacting to the things that make her fearful, anxious, and stressed.
  • To teach both you and your dog in a controlled class, home and outdoor environment (low distance, duration, and intensity) while using humane techniques(force-free, fear-free, and pain-free)that make her feel safe and secure while recovering.

Classes are 1 hour long, held once a week for 6 weeks at Raising Canine’s Calgary NW location

Class size is 2 – 4 dogs only

To inquire further about this program and/or to register for it:

  • Please call Raising Canine at 403 984 3644 and ask for Velvetanne, owner and trainer.

Price: $385 +GST.  A $50.00 admin fee will be retained for cancelled registrations. Class purchases are non-refundable once classes have commenced.

This is a very intense program that requires very low distraction and disruption for the reactive dogs. Therefore, it is not suitable for children to attend.