Private Dog Training Calgary

Private dog training sessions are a great option for owners with reactive dogs that would not be able to participate in a group classes, or for individuals who aren’t able to participate in group classes for any reason.

Reactive dogs exhibit unpredictable behaviour that is difficult to control.  Examples of reactive behaviour include lunging, growling, incessant barking, or any kind of extreme reaction to unthreatening situations.  If your dog does not cope well with other dogs or people, then private training is the first step helping them.

Raising Canines’ private dog training sessions are held in the comfort of your own home to ensure your dog is in a space where they feel secure. The root of most behavioural problems is stress, anxiety, and fear.  Because of this, making sure your dog is in as comfortable of space as possible is essential to improving their reactive behaviour.

Private sessions also specialize in dogs that jump up on people, bark at doorbells or when people enter, door bolting, fear and anxiety, house training, or basic obedience if you simply can’t attend classes.

Please call (403) 984-3644 to book your private sessions

First Session
(1.5 hrs)
$150 + GST
Subsequent Sessions
(1 hr)
$100 + GST

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Private Sessions Not For You?

We will also be offering a specialized new class in November 2017 called ‘Please Ease’ to further help owners with their reactive dogs in a safe, controlled, small group setting at Raising Canine, of 2 – 3 dogs only.

Please check for details coming in October 2017.