Off Leash Training Calgary


Raising Canine’s off leash training in Calgary NW gives you the confidence to enjoy all the amazing off leash areas our city has to offer. Teaching canines Reliable Recall (Come When Called) is one of the most important skills they can learn while off leash.  It is also essential to confidently enjoy Calgary’s off leash parks.

All dogs want to be able to run free without the restraint of a leash. All owners want their dogs to be safe while doing this.  Raising Canine’s off leash courses will teach you everything you need to know, from simple to advanced off leash training techniques.

Off Leash Training Techniques Covered

The focus is to have your dog reliably return to you when there is distraction, distance, and duration while off leash.

You’ll be provided with several different techniques to teach your dog to willingly come back in different situations, such as:

  • Playing with other dogs
  • Chasing a bunny
  • While bikes are passing by
  • Or running after another dog’s ball

You will learn that dogs want to come back willingly when they are encouraged with positive reinforcement and play as opposed to anger and correction.

You’ll also learn:

  • The etiquette, rules, and dangers of off leash parks
  • How to stop your dog from a distance if they are running back to you while in harm’s way, such as a busy road
  • The convenience of off leash heel

For the duration of this 6 week course, you’ll be provided with a 20′ leash to use even when your are practicing at home. Dogs will be assessed on the last class if it is safe for them to remove the leash.

The classes are done without judgment as certain breeds, personalities, and backgrounds make it more difficult for some dogs to learn come when called. At Raising Canine we work to foster a fun and welcoming environment for all.

Off Leash Course Format

Classes are taught at 6 different, non-crowded, NW, off leash locations which provide safe and non-stressful surroundings for both dogs and owners. This class is offered to older dogs as well as puppies. The sooner that puppies learn to come when called, the more natural and ingrained this skill is for them.

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Important Notes

All family members are encouraged to attend however it is more challenging with children under the age of 7.

Cost of all classes is $240 + GST

All training class purchases are non-refundable once classes have commenced (With exception of illness or injury to dog or owner).

Please sign the e-waiver form, then scan to email your dog’s updated vaccination records to as we are going paperless.

To register for a class, please complete the Class Registration Form and submit. Once we have received your registration form, you will receive a confirmation/information email.