Dog Agility Training Classes in Calgary

Agility training is so much more than learning the physical skill of agility. Your pup or dog gains bountiful confidence, helping them become happier and healthier dogs. That’s what we’re really passionate about!

These non-competitive, non-judgmental, and fun agility classes are a wonderful follow up to Puppy Training Classes, and to any dog (puppy or adult) that wants to have an exciting and safe new challenge.

While learning agility skills, your dog will also further develop basic obedience commands while being both physically and mentally stimulated in a positive and rewarding way. It’s great exercise for your pet, helping them build balance and coordination. Not to mention how much fun it is!

Dog Agility Class Format

Class size is kept to only 6 dogs so your pooch will have plenty of time to spend on the equipment.

Classes are held once a week in the evening at the Raising Canine Crowfoot location, over a 6 week time period (for a total of 6 classes in total).

Agility Techniques Covered

Your pooch will have so much pleasure and fun going through a tunnel, climbing up and over a bridge and A-frame, weaving though poles, sailing over jumps, then settling onto the agility table doing a sit/down stay. Your dog will also learn touch, front and side sits, and weaving through your legs. This helps them to focus on you while they learn to patiently await their turn on the equipment.

Dogs in this class are never forced to do any piece of equipment they are unsure of. Patience and positive reinforcement is our number one method. Once an agility skill is completed or mastered, there is wonderful clapping and support from everyone in class. There is nothing more rewarding than watching your fur baby (especially a shy one) easily race up or confidently run through a piece of agility equipment that he or she was initially wary and fearful of. All of this strengthens the bond between human and canine as you both learn how to work in unison.

Once Fun Agility Classes are completed, you are welcome to attend our drop in fun agility sessions where you and your dog can freely work on any piece of equipment you like, at your pace. It will be a first come first serve (email) system for the drop in as only 6 dogs can attend for safety reasons. So much fun to be had!

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Important Info

All family members are encouraged to attend however it is more challenging with children under the age of 7.

Cost of all classes is $240 + GST

All training class purchases are non-refundable once classes have commenced (With exception of illness or injury to dog or owner).

Please sign the e-waiver form, then scan to email your dog’s updated vaccination records to as we are going paperless.

To register for a class, please complete the Class Registration Form and submit. Once we have received your registration form, you will receive a confirmation/information email.