Calgary Dog Training & Dog Daycare

Raising Canine is passionate about raising happy, healthy, well behaved dogs.  We design our dog training classes and dog daycare to be force-free, caring, and safe with a focus on a positive and welcoming experience for both dogs and their owners.

Our Mission Statement is that we treat all dogs, clients, and staff with uncompromising kindness, dignity and respect.

Dog Training Classes

Dog training group classes:

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*Reactive Dog Recovery Program:

Does your dog lunge, whine, bark, growl, snarl, go after other dogs, people, bikes, strollers, etc., whether on or off leash?   Do you feel embarrassed, nervous, frustrated, and stressed when your dog does this?  Does this make you feel like you don’t want to walk your dog anymore?

If so, your dog is ‘reactive’.  You’re not alone though. There are many dogs who have become reactive and have become an owner’s concern.  Luckily though, there is help for your beloved fur family member.  And help for you too!

Also take heart that your dog doesn’t want to be reactive.  (S)he simply doesn’t know how to behave in a desirable way.  (S)he needs guidance, patience, love, and support to do this.

Our Reactive Dog Recovery Program is six – 1 hour classes that provides you with in-depth information, knowledge, understanding, tools, and hands on practical exercises that helps you train your dog to remain calm in those situations that make her/him react with undesirable behaviour.

If you are interested, please call Raising Canine at 403 984 3644 and ask for Velvetanne, owner and trainer for more information.

We have over 12 years experience in dog training and follow the philosophy that dogs learn best when the focus of their training includes both their emotional and physical well-being.

We use fun, safe, positive reward based training methods that promote a force free, fear free, and pain free experience. Our classes are kept small (4 – 8 dogs) to ensure both you and your dog receives adequate attention and care.

By allowing dogs to learn within a humane, secure, supportive, and compassionate training environment, they have the opportunity to become well behaved in a happy and healthy state.

Dog Daycare Services

Dog daycare at Raising Canine is conveniently located in NW Calgary. It is for dog owners seeking a safe place to take their canines during the day when they’re too busy.

We have a fun environment that keeps your dog stimulated and socialized to meet both their emotional and physical needs.  It is also the only NW Calgary dog daycare with both an indoor and outdoor play area.

Dogs in our daycare are not kennelled at anytime during the day. As well, we separate the ‘bigs’ from the ‘littles’ for safety reasons. After a full morning of free play, the dogs are given quiet time with staff providing massages and cuddles.

Your dog becomes part of Raising Canine’s family.